If You’re Looking For A Writer Who:

  • Understands how to write copy that converts (but I do speak ‘woo-woo’ too.)

  • Has deep knowledge of the health, wellness, fitness, and food space (I’m probably your target customer, your ideal ‘elder’ millennial).

  • Wants to give back to the World, but also wants to make you $$$ (let’s be real).

  • Sets you apart from competitors (what competitors??)

  • Isn’t as close to your product on the day-to-day and can offer fresh, new insights and ideas ( sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes).

  • Can clarify the voice of your brand and articulate your unique offering.

Then Look No Further…

I begin every project with research- getting to know you, your ideal customer and your offering.

Why this matters: You’ll save time and moolah as we’ll get the message right more quickly. Sounds counterintuitive, but trust me, it works!

I understand the importance of good design and the words that go along with it.

Why this matters: These days design and writing are equally important—after all, your design and copy are your customers first impression of you. With my experience in project management I enjoy partnering across teams and with designers to get things done!

I’m not just a clever wordsmith: (no cliches allowed!):

Why this matters: You need copy that solves problems for your ideal customers and gets them excited!

I understand the science of writing to educate an audience and drive conversions, clicks, and sign-ups. My approach to writing copy is strategic, I’ll ask the right questions to find the perfect words.


Website Copywriting

Stop treating your web copy like yesterday’s smoothie… alone + forgotten in the fridge.

You have a unique offering, with a unique story to tell.

Together, we’ll find the right words to entice your ideal customer through relatable, easy-to-digest copy that is memorable, action-driven, and keeps ‘em coming back for more.

My process:

1. Discovery: Get to know you and your ideal client deeply
2. Write/make magic
3. Present you with clean, fresh words to put on the page saving you a TON of time + energy

Not ready to go all in on full website copy? Want to try your hand at writing your own?

No problem! I also offer:


I’ll help you assess what is working and what copy is working and what needs improvement to ensure your content flows and gets your customer moving to the ‘purchase’ page. I’ll provide clear feedback on specifics that will help engage your readers. After the call, you’ll get a doc full of notes + suggestions to help you implement changes.


Email Strategy + Content

Email is still one of the highest bang-for-your-buck marketing channels out there, but if it’s not done strategically, with clear goals in mind, your audience will ditch you faster than you can make a Bulletproof coffee.

Think about it, if you walk up to a beehive and stick your hand in without that fancy suit or any strategy— you’ll get a response, but it probably won’t be honey.

Well planned and executed email sequences, on the other hand, will get you that sweet treat you’re after… a boost in open rates and sales.

With flooded inboxes it’s more important than ever to stand out. My email marketing approach focuses on getting to know your target customer and then write to them in a way that helps you build trust and add value.


Lead Magnets, Content Creation, Etc.

Need something specific? Click below to share your project needs and I’ll do my best to create a package for you.

Looking to grow your list? Educate new leads? Build trust and loyalty.

I’ll work with you to:

* Craft a compelling lead magnet that your audience really wants and will opt-in for
* Research and write articles that will provide real value with SEO principles to back them up
* Write health and nutrition content for your upcoming course

Pricing available upon request


Happy Clients