Nutrient-Dense Copywriting

For Impact-Driven Health + Wellness Brands

If you’re ready to give your copy a green-juice boost that makes you and your customers feel amazing, you’ve come to the right place.

I write copy that:

  • sounds authentic

  • speaks to your unique offering

  • attracts your ideal audience

  • makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace

I’ll help you un-earth your brand voice through customer research, and turn that voice in to clear, unique, and compelling copy that gains you fans and helps you reach more people.

Let’s create some healthy conversation.

Why GrassFed Copy?

Simple, it’s the highest quality you can get, the crème de la crème. Treated with love and care and given the attention it needs to stand out on a crowded shelf as the very best.

Is this you?

You’ve got a gorgeous website and lovely imagery, but your words are flavorless. You don’t know how to stand out, you’re overwhelmed by the idea of talking to customers and (gasp) asking them to spend money.

You need someone who ‘gets’ what you do and knows how to put it in to words that resonate.

Sound about right?



Hi, I’m Celsea.

Health and wellness copywriter, “healthy” snack enthusiast, and crystal connoisseur. I’ve spent 10 years supporting the top holistic health, yoga, and nutrition brands in the World, including Wanderlust, sweetgreen, and Integrative Nutrition, to spread their message and grow their base of raving fans!

I help leaders and growing brands in the health + wellness space to clarify the messaging they put out into the world in order to increase profits without feeling like icky salesmen, or losing sight of their vision.

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Happy Clients

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You’ve Got a Mission.

Get copy that helps you
Clarify, Connect to + Convert
the people who need you most.


Website Copy

Guide your readers seamlessly through your site


Email Copy

Strategically target your list with authentic messaging


Lead Magnets + Content creation, etc.

Grow your list, educate + create your fan club