Copy Shaper.

Specializing in:

  • Health and wellness brands

  • Alternative health experts

  • Food and beverage

  • Fitness pros

  • Nutrition minded folks

  • Female entrepreneurs


Hey there! I'm Celsea. 

I write actionable copy and content that connects and tells a unique story. My favorite part? Unearthing the right story to tell about what you do. 

As a writer, marketer and healthy living pro, I’ve accumulated over a decade of diverse experience in content creation, marketing a diverse range of products and services, practicing/teaching yoga and most importantly, seeking the best beaches and breakfasts the world has to offer.

I've gained a diverse range of experiences that have shaped me in to a scrappy "jill of all trades" entrepreneur with a passion for words and storytelling, or ‘story selling’ if I’m doing my job well.

Cat got your tongue?

So you have a beautiful website and a great product, but are feeling a bit stuck with how to talk about that special thing you do in a way that sounds a) authentic b) non-salesy, and most importantly gets new customers flocking to you like a herd of happy kittens? Nothing beats a herd of kittens.

That’s where I come in.

I believe that words matter. You wouldn’t skimp on eye-catching design, so please don’t get the guy in the back corner of the office to write your super important sales copy! Your copy should be emotionally charged, customer centric and provide solutions that entice your audience to get excited and immediately ready to make a purchase.

Let’s get integrative—

My approach to marketing and copy, just like my approach to health, is holistic. Sorry to say, no single tactic or sentence is the magic potion and just eating kale won’t give you a six-pack (frustrating, right?).

I want to get to know you and your brand/business and write words that speak to and connect more deeply with your audience.

Marketing and copy go together like matcha and millennials— I like combining principles of both to create a double rainbow of sales power.

My experience teaching yoga and health coaching has given me the ability to empathize, listen, and go deeper into what lies at the heart of you and your business, the why behind your brand.

After all, until you uncover the story behind your brand, aka your unique offering,  you can't reach and connect to the right audience.

The magic lies in you and what you do.  I'll help you discover (and write about) what that is. 

If your words are feeling stiff, let's chat.