Hey there.

I’m Celsea (like Grammar, not Clinton :), a copywriter and brand strategist based in Oakland, California.

My secret copy sauce= Storytelling + strategy

My experience working in sales and marketing with hungry, growing brands like Integrative Nutrition, Wanderlust, and sweetgreen for the past decade has taught me a ton about building a brand that excites people and keeps customers coming back for more.

I love telling stories, but also believe they need to be backed conversion copywriting strategy to really bring you results.

Helping businesses and solo entrepreneurs bring their brand voice to life and stand out through words is my passion. No seriously, I like it as much as making healthy casseroles.

So Why Me?

My background has allowed me to create in a variety of settings— on stage, on the dance floor, on the yoga mat, and on paper (ok, online, but it’s less poetic).

I’ve written everything from articles and blog posts to product descriptions and brand copy (and also an original musical along the way).

My mantra: magnetic brands create authentic connection.

I’m Right For You If…

YOU’RE an established health and wellness brand or entrepreneur that knows your stuff and wants a strategic partner with serious marketing chops that knows how to connect the dots.

YOU’RE great at talking about what you do, but don’t know how to articulate it in words that land and get clicks.

YOU’RE ready to change lives and want to stand out from the crowd but feel stuck in redundant cliches about “transformation” and “finding your tribe.”

Ready to create healthy conversation through authentic copy?


Words from Fans


Copy that makes your customers vibrate with excitement

(or is that the adaptogens?) 



Wanna Know More About Me?

12 FUN facts:


  1. All about food as medicine- I’m a certified health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

  2. Me + the Mat- I have a 200hr YTT certificate and specialize in teaching Perinatal yoga.

  3. Twinning- I’m an identical twin. No, we don’t have superpowers and we didn’t trick our boyfriends.

  4. Brrrrr, nope!- I grew up in the Rocky Mountains and hate cold weather and snow sports. Shocking, I know!

  5. Retail therapy: I don’t buy fancy bags or clothes but do spend way too much money on healthy foods, elixirs and potions.

  6. Vices- Any and all ‘healthy’ snacks (and let’s face it, some un-healthy ones too) that hit the market, New Zealand Sauvy blanc, and True Crime podcasts (SSDGM)

  7. Pet Peeve- Gum chewing! It’s banned from my house and should be banned from the planet IMO.

  8. Stage Kid- I spent most of my childhood in theatre and doing speech and debate. I have a BA in theatre/ stage management.
    bonus fact: I know every word to Rent.

  9. Hydration is key- I only drink warm water, period. Usually with lemon.

  10. Biggest life enhancement- By far the experience and opportunity of becoming a Mama, I look at my whole life differently and am so grateful.

  11. Past life- I used to dance in nightclubs and that’s how I met my husband, an ex-DJ, now we go to bed at 10PM.

  12. Word nerd- As a copywriter I’m constantly analyzing everything I read, it’s a semi-healthy obsession.



BA in Theatre + Communication- CU Boulder

Email Stars- by Tarzan Kay

Conversion Copywriting 101 by CopyHackers

The Copy Cure by Marie Forleo + Laura Belgray

Health Coaching Certificate from Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Copywriting Secrets: How to Write Copy That Sells- Udemy

Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy That Sells Today- Udemy

Member: The Copywriter Underground by The Copywriter Club


Professional Highlights

Project Manager: Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Brand Marketing Manager: sweetgreen

Marketing + Events Manager:

Wanderlust Yoga + Music Festivals

Freelance Writing, Editing+ Content Creation 2010-present


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